Data Integra Dinamika


ATNP-103 System adalah sebuah mesin pengkode yang mengubah buku kode model cetak ke sebuah buku kode elektronik yang mudah dipakai, mudah digunakan dan aman dalam transfer data.

Allied Tactical Naval Positioning

Main Feature


Electronic encyclopedia, easy use, fast searching, alphabetical sorting.
Helping beginner fast learning.
Helping advance fast remembering.
Easy to add/edit encode and translation.
Customable encode.
Use on simulation mode.

Intel Touchscreen Keyboard

QWERTY, special design for messaging system.
PC like keyboard.
Life time until 1 million touch.

Messaging System

Support in English and bahasa.
Sending and receive encode.
No more printed book needed.
Customable font size and type.
Message log.
Monitoring status of message.
Secure data transfer with 64 bit encrypting technology.

Model And Specifications

ATNP-103 System is an encode Machine that change from hard printed encode-book into electronic generation of encode-book, easy use, easy learn and secure data transfer

- Metal Casing 2 mm with Poly Urethane Finishing - 1,7 MHz Double Clock Machine
- Dimension (cm) : 105 x 105 x 95 (w x h x d) - Wireless Network Communication
- Weight 155 kg - Operational Temperature 10 - 35° C Embedded Voice
- Dimension (cm) : 105 x 105 x 95 (w x h x d) and Radio Modem Equipment
  - Operational Temperature 10 - 35° C
DISPLAY Radio Wave Equipment Feature
- 32 Inch Main Display - VHF / UHF Frequency (150 - 500 MHz) with diversity
- 17 inch keyboard display touch screen receiver
- High Contras Ratio
- Anti Vandalism Glass Touch Screen
- Internal Touch Screen Keyboard QWERTY, Special
Design for Messaging
SYSTEM Radio Power 5 Watt, Line of Sight Coverable (20NM)
- PC Like Keyboard - Programmable Channel (save on memory)
- Life time until 1 million Touch - Dynamic Frequency Scramble (avoiding Jamming)
- Encrypted Network (avoiding Spy)