Data Integra Dinamika


Implementasi latihan. Pelatihan operasional alat anjungan : GPS, ARPA Radar, ENC/ECDIS, AIS, Echo Sounder, throttle, rudder, wind indicator.

Basic navigation personal training : map introduction and navigation journal, plotting, barring, blind guiding, ship maneuvering, journal entry, supervision, bridge indicator observation, etc.

Exploring the Rules of Collision Prevention at Sea (Peraturan Pencegahan Tubrukan di Laut - PPTL).

Ship/Tactical maneuver training, station keeping, MOB procedure, docking.

Communication Training : External Communication Procedure

Instructor Room

Carrying out the preparation of training scenarios, control and supervision. Conduct briefing / debriefing training scenario and equipment familiarization. Implementing guidance navigation and enhance communication skills base.

Instructor Room


- Console & Keyboard with Ergonomic Design - ARPA Radar Simulation
- 20" High Tech Resolution Monitor (1600x1200) - AIS simulator
- Quad-Core Engine - ENC/ECDIS Simulator
- Via Trackball or Keyboard Menu Selection - Barrying Simulator
- Alphanumeric Keyboard - Sea Windows Simlator
- Ergonomic Keyboard - Ship Contact Simulator
  - Echo Sounder
  - Throttle, Rudder
  - Wind Indicator Simulator
  - GPS Simulator
  - VHF Radio