Data Integra Dinamika


An interactive Role Playing Game computer-based system that gives tactical training facility for NAVY personnel to make decisions in dynamic situation on the battle area.

Main Feature

RPG Feature

Networked PC-Based System
Detailed Database and Scenario Generation Facility
Scenario Generator
Realistic Multi-Platforms
Configurable Platform’s Composition
Configurable Gaming Environment & Parameters
Exercise Parameters Changes (On the Fly/ Not on the Fly)
Environmental Simulation
Different Environmental Conditions e.g. Meteorological Areas, Visibility, Sea States etc
Motion Simulation
Data Link Simulation
Command & Control Simulation
Comprehensive Monitor/ Control & debrief Exercise Automation and Game Control

Training Feature

Multi-Level Training e.g. Patrol Vessels, Missile Gun Boats
Elementary Training e.g. Close Formation/ Wheeling
Command Team Training in ASW/ AMD Operations
Improve Decision Making Process for Commanders & Staff Officers
Rehearsal of Missions & Operational Plans
Test Beds for Operational Pans
Test Beds for Doctrines Concepts and Tactical Plans
Supports Training for Naval/ Merchant Ships and Airborne Platforms
Study of Strategic Plans
Multi-Dimensional Environment
Accurate Debriefing
Voice and Data Communication

Model And Specifications

1. Workstation 1. Workstation

Pentium Core2Duo 2,5 GHz

Pentium Core2Duo 2,5 GHz

Memory 2 GB

Memory 4 Giga Byte

Hard disk 160 Giga Byte

Hard disk 160 Giga Byte

VGA memory 256 dual output Keyboard
Dual Gigabit Network Card VGA memory 256 dual output
2. LCD Monitor 22 Inch Wide

Dual Gigabit Network Card

3. Track Ball Unit 2. LCD Monitor 22 Inch Wide
4. Headset and Mic 3. Track Ball Unit
5. UPS (Uninterupted Power Supply) 800 VA 4. Headset and Mic
  5. LCD Projector and White Screen
  6. Laser jet Color Printer A3
  7. UPS (Uninterupted Power Supply) 1000 VA