Data Integra Dinamika


Comprehensive Simulation-based system to facilitate NAVY Operational training

Main Feature

Tactical Training Capabilities

Anti Surface Ship Warfare (AKPA)
Anti Submarine Warfare
Anti Air Warfare (PAU)
Electronic Warfare(Pernika)
Submarine Warfare
Mine Warfare
Amphibious Warfare
Archipelago Warfare
Naval/Ground Attack
Naval Control
Group Training
Joined Training
Shooting and Correction the Shooting result of
Eletronic Warfare on sensor and the network

Available Database

On Water & Under Water Ship Database
Pesud Database
Ground Vehicle & Amphibian Database
Harbor Database
Weapon Database
Intelmar Database
Pernika Database
NATO Tactical Symbol Database



Technical specification and capabilities of the ship 1. Creating Training Scenario (Sceari Generator)
Technical specification and capabilities of the plane a. Development asset
Technical specification of Apmphibian Vehicle b. Way point and route
Weapon and Sensor (Radar and Sonar) c. Scheduling
Personal Positioning d. Game time settings
Orde of Battle e. Choosing sides (Blue/Red)
Combat Calculation f. Ability levels distribution of trainess
NATO Standard Tactical Symbol - Creating scenario with Multi operator
User and User Capabilities - Multiple Scenario Combination
  - Single Act or State Procedure
MAP MODULE - Scenario Combination Validation
Sea Map (Electrical Nautical Chart) 2. Basic Simulation Sub Module
Ground Digital Map (Carvak Coordinate and Long Lat) a. Ship movement simulation based on:
Map of the Indonesian Stream b. Shooting Simulation
Google Earth Map c. Time Management and acceleration
Other Supporting Maps d. Situation emerger when training
  e. Movement calculation of all database element
T3 MODULE f. Jamming and anti-jamming simulation-calculation
Entry and Data Acquisition Module g. data-suited combat calculation
- Manual Data Entry Module h. Observe mode simulation
- Data Exporting-Importing Module 3. Advanced Simulation for warfare training
- Automatic Data Backup Module a. Anti surface ship warfare (AKPA)
  b. Anti Submarine warfare (AKS)
e-LEARNING MODULE c. Anti air attack warfare (AKS)
1.Web-based Learning for Students d. Electronic Warfare
System operating instruction with images and e. Mine warfare
animations can be accessed by web browser and f. Amphibian and Archipelago warfare
can be downloaded g. Naval Attack
2.The main weaponry display system and the maps in h. Ground attack
the web are learning module for trainees, can be i. Double threat warfare
downloaded and printed. Web-based e-learning 4. Combat Calculation Sub Module
module can be accessed from trainees laptop for a. Score Calculation based on probability of hit
study material using wi-fi connection. b. Score Calculation based on Damage Assesment
  c. Score Calculation based on Damage Sustaint


1. Cubicle Workstation 1. Instructor Workstation
- Pentium Core2Duo 2,5 Ghz - Pentium Core2Duo 2,5 Ghz
- Memory 2 Giga Byte - Memory 2 Giga Byte
- Hardisk 160 Giga Byte - Hardisk 160 Giga Byte
- VGA memory 256 dual output - VGA memory 256 dual output
- Dual Gigabit Network Card - Dual Gigabit Network Card
2. Map LCD Monitor 22 inch Wide Screen 2. LCD Monitor 21 inch Wide Screen
3. Data LCD Monitor 19 inch 4:33 3. PC Panel for Communication Module
4. PC Panel for Communication Module 4. Speaker and Headset
5. Headset and Mic 5. Instructor Console
6. Cubicle Console 6. LCD Projector and white screen
7. Laser Jet Color Printer A4 7. Laser Jet Color Printer A3